New Zealand

New Zealand is a small country in Oceania, located around 1,600km south-east of the coast of Australia. It is made up of two main islands, the North Island and the South Island, and numerous other smaller islands. The country has a population of around 4.5 million.

The main language is English, and the local currency is the New Zealand dollar. The country’s political capital is Wellington and its economic capital is Auckland.

New Zealand is an ideal gateway to investments in the Asia-Pacific region. Unlike certain other offshore jurisdictions, it offers excellent political and economic stability, with democratic government and clear, equitable laws based on the English common law system.

Although the tax regime is particularly advantageous for foreign investors, New Zealand is not considered a tax haven. Quite the opposite in fact; the country offers an extensive network of double taxation treaties and, as a member of the OECD, the Global Forum and the FATF, it enjoys an excellent international reputation. Since 2018, the country is participating to the automatic exchange of information in tax matters (AEI).

The land of the long white cloud is particularly known for its trusts. This vehicle is widely used by both local people and international investors for asset protection and inheritance planning purposes.

In addition, European clients particularly appreciate New Zealand’s location on the opposite side of the world, safely out of the way of prying eyes.

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